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Project Photos

Project Description

The first stage involved an assessment of the area where the skylights were to be installed. This assessment would have taken into account factors such as the size and design of the skylights, the type of roofing material, and the location of any potential obstructions that might affect the installation process.

Once the assessment was completed, the installation process would have begun. This would have involved the removal of the section of the roof where the skylights were to be installed, followed by the insertion of the skylights into the opening.

The next stage would have been to seal the skylights to prevent any water from leaking into the home. This would have involved the use of specialized materials and techniques to ensure a watertight seal.

Finally, the installation would have been completed by finishing the interior and exterior of the skylights. The interior finishing would have involved the installation of any necessary framing and trim work, while the exterior finishing would have involved the installation of flashing and other weatherproofing materials to protect against the elements.

Overall, a full skylight installation from start to finish in a Toronto, Ontario home where 2 skylights were installed over the kitchen would have involved careful planning, skilled workmanship, and attention to detail to ensure that the installation was successful and met the homeowner's expectations.

Project Details

Skylight Size

4ft x 4ft

Ceiling Opening Size

4ft x 16ft

Rooms Installed In


Roof Type

Sloped Roof Shingles

Number of Flares


Moulding Type



Fan and Light



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