Improve your interior "Vibe"

A skylight can provide not only light but a view of whether that be day and night. During the day a view of the skylight and clouds is your base line view. In a loft setting and the right location that view can be anything from a city skyline or a wonderful natural environment. Indirectly the view of the home interior completely changes when the abundant light blasts the room with light from the skylight. A stairway, for example, can be drastically changed and become a feature of a home as opposed to just a stairway. 


Create a nice draft and pull that humidity out

Venting skylights give us the ability to regulate the interior temperature of the home on a functional level. For example, over a stairway on the top floor of the home a skylight will pull the air from the lower floors via convection. In the summer months, this can really reduce the humidity on the top floor of the home.

Roof windows in a loft that are typically within arms reach are closer relative to wall windows they help with more of a cross breeze and often do a better job. However the combination of windows and skylights together is a match made in heaven. 


Vitamin D!

Mood - There is substantial evidence showing the benefits of how a skylight or a well-lit home can reduce stress due to the balance of your circadian rythem being more in tune due to more light in the home. And who doesn't like drinking a morning coffee in a more lit room:)