• Braydon Furneaux

The Beaches Toronto Stairway Skylight Installation

Hi There! Below we go step by step through a full installation of a stairway skylight being sealed to a flat roof in The Beaches, Toronto. Many of those in the area struggle with gaining light into this area of the home to to a lot of semi detached old homes with minimal windows in that hallways. Most of the windows if not all are in each of the bedrooms and bathrooms. Step 1. Initial Assessment

In this case the homeowner was already under going some renovations in the skylight area so it saved us from removing existing drway and insulation. Step 2. Alignment.

We need to make sure we know where to cut the roof opening. This step requires a long drill bit so that we can see the location upon drilling through. Step 3. Framing/ Roofing

Sealing the skylight to the roof using 2 play torch down membrane is an extremely important step to the project that we put above all else. Making sure it's leak prrof is our #1 Priority! Step 4. Interior

For the interior we went with a smooth finish. The trim on the ceiling was a client request. Step 5. The Skylight

The Skylights were sealed down and the opening mechanisms engaged!

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